Maximum Boat Lengths, Assessments and Deeds

The Dock Roster is the public record of all 88 docks in the Newfound Boat Club and this information has been compiled from two sources:

Newfound Boat Club Condominium Boat Length Regulation document

Dated 12-September-1996 BOOK 2219 PAGE 0037 Serial Number 014248 (no link provided)

Bristol County Board of Assessors 2006 Values-Final.pdf (Adams Lane pages 27-28)

Note that the most recent Bristol NH assessment is dated 2006. Other assessments will most certainly occur in the future and in a cyclical manner. Contact the Bristol NH assessors office for more information on this.

The data in the following chart is believed to be accurate but it is NOT GUARANTEED. It is the responsibility of the reader to double check this information to provide their own level of confidence.

Example DeedDate: 19970311 = 11-March-1997 In some cases Bristol did not publish the Deed information - 2018