The picture above is an amazing aerial photograph of Newfound Lake. Bill, of Lakes Region Aerials, tells me that he had to climb higher and higher to get the entire lake into picture. No wonder, the Newfound Lake is 7 miles north to south. The picture was eventually snapped at 8,500 feet and those clouds in the background, well Bill thought that they might ruin the shot, in fact they made the shot ! Look how those clouds frame the background and reflect off of the water. The portion of the lake closet to the bottom of the picture is where the Newfound Boat Club resides. You can see the eastern and western shore drives too. The town of Bristol is at the bottom and near the bottom.

Again, what an amazing picture... our hats off to Bill and for allowing us to use this amazing picture.

Boaters on Newfound Lake are serviced byWest Shore Marinewhich is located at 315 West Shore Road, Bristol NH.

ClickNewfoundLakeHistoryfor an excellent history of the Newfound Lake Region which was supplied from the Newfound Area Chamber of Commerceand written by Kathi Caldwell-Hopper

Gems of Newfound Lakeby NewfoundPublicAccessis aPublic TV station originating from Bristol NH.

Click below to view their well produced and informative movie (7 min 29 sec). - 2018