NFBC and its economics

The club consists of 88 ‘Dockominiums’ which are organized as a non-profit entity in 1988.

Ownership in the club means that you have the right to:

-- Have access to the gated grounds

-- Bring and park your boat trailer on the parking lot

-- Use your deeded dock for seasonal boat parking and lake access.

-- Have access to the clubhouse and its facilities

-- Have use of ONE club KEY CARD per dock that is owned or rented.

What is NOT allowed at the club

-- No overnight sleeping on the grounds or in your boat

-- No dock may be moved without the express written permission of

the board of directors.

-- No dock may be modified without the express written permission of

the board of directors and this includes boat bumpers.

-- Multiple KEY CARDS for one dock is NOT allowed. Only one per dock.

**** Club rules on boat size ****

—The beam width of your boat cannot exceed 1/2 of the water width between any two adjacent docks. This is applicable when two dock fingers occupy the same adjacent water width (facing each other).

—The length of your boat cannot exceed the deeded water length and this includes engines, platforms etc. The length parameter is measured from the front tip of your boat and to the rear most point of any part of your boat + any engines or platforms which extend beyond that point.

Click HERE to read the most important (handwritten) club rules.

Each ‘Dockominium’ is treated as an actual piece of real estate by the city of Bristol NH and has an address on Adams lane which is the dock number. (ie Dock 17 is 17 Adams Lane). This means that the owner receives a RE bill from Bristol NH each year and a typical bill for a dock is now about $1050 / year. From a governing association document point of view, the club technically grants a locker (in the club house) to each owner which provides dock and club rights to the same numbered dock as the locker.

The current club dues are (as voted on 19-June-2011) are as follows:

$200 club dues

$100 capital improvement fund

$300 Total Club Dues

This means that the typical cost of ownership of a dock at the Newfound Boat Club is the sum of the property taxes to Bristol NH plus the club dues are follows:

$1050 Nominal Real Estate Taxes

$300 Total Club Dues

$1350 Total Annual Cost of Ownership

Docks are sold and rented by their owners each season and this site helps the buyers, sellers and renters accomplish this. Typical rents are now in the $2,500 to $3,400 range depending upon time of year, location of dock, availability and size of dock.

As a dock owner, if you wish to rent your dock and you choose a local real estate agent then you will be charged a 15% rental commission. Given the range of rents of the docks then that fee would be:

@ $3000 Rent the fee would be $450

@ $4000 Rent the fee would be $600

So if you were a dock owner / landlord and you used a real estate agent to rent your dock then your cost of ownership would be:

@ $3000 Rent the total cost of ownership = $1350 + $450 = $1800

@ $4000 Rent the total cost of ownership = $1350 + $600 = $1950

By using this low-cost listing service and the established power of the exposure of this site you can save a significant sum of money if you choose to rent it yourself. Click here to Post your dock on this site. - 2018