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Economically reach a highly targeted audience of renters and buyers on Newfound Lake NH.

We are now in our 10th boating season of rental and sale services to the Newfound Lake boating market. Since inception our site has collected over 25,000+ hits and has been widely advertised in print, by regional posters and through linkages to tourism and governmental websites. Our name and our site is known as the ‘go to’ source for those who wish to find the rare and well positioned boating docks on Newfound Lake. One low cost fee will provide you a full season of posting space that places you at the focal point of where dock renters and dock buyers go when they are serious about getting access to beautiful Newfound Lake.

This site was created because of the overpriced realtor commissions you were forced to pay to get access to the dock rental and dock buying public - No More !

Over eight years ago, the local real estate agents simultaneously jacked up their rental commission fees to 15% and these fees have gone even higher in more recent years. Additionally, the standard commission on the sale of a boat dock is a minimum of 10%. Currently, this translates into about $450 in rental commissions and up to $7,000 in sale commissions. There is simply no need for you to pay these amounts. The same people knocking on the realtor doors are the very same people searching our site. To date, over $5.0 Million dollars in rental and sale equity has already passed through this site since its inception. With a dozen or so docks usually in play per year, just at the boat club, this adds almost $1 Million dollars to this benchmark each time another boating season passes by.

It is time for you to stop paying these outrageous commissions and start taking control of your own property by holding onto your money. When you purchase one of the packages below - you will be doing just that !

Three Easy Steps to Post your Dock or Mooring on

• Choose the package for you and your post will remain in place for the entire boating season.

Posting Package #1: $ 50 to post your boat dock (or mooring) for RENT.

Posting Package #2: $ 100 to post your boat dock for SALE.

Posting Package #3: $ 125 to post your boat dock for SALE and RENT.

• Pay using your PayPal account or with a major credit card. We do not accept checks.

Use the pull down menu to select which package you want and then press the ‘Buy Now’ button.

You will be directed to the PayPal site where you can complete your transaction.

Note: We do a vetting on all incoming email from your post to make sure (1) no scammers or robots (2) the buyer/renter’s boat can fit into your slip. If the buyer/renter has no boat then we just make sure they know the sizes involved as to NOT waste your time.

Dock Rental / Sale Packages

• Customize by sending us an email to craft you dock advertisement posting for Newfound Lake

If your dock is at either the Newfound Boat Club or at the DeVost Marina then provide us with:

  • Your dock number (NFBC) or dock location (DeVost).
  • The maximum boat length your dock is deeded to handle.
  • The asking renting or selling price of your dock.
  • Your contact phone number.

If your dock is located at a private lakefront residence or it is a mooring then provide us with:

  • The address of the dock or mooring location (or optionally, the longitude / latitude for mooring)
  • The maximum boat length the dock or mooring is deeded to handle.
  • The asking renting price for the season.
  • Your contact phone number.
  • Optional: Email up to 3 pictures that you would like displayed to help you rent your dock or mooring.

Click the appropriate button (below). To email us with the information we will need to get your posting started…

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By posting onto our site, your agree to the following terms and conditions...

The fee that you pay is a one time fee per boating season which gets you a posting for your dock or mooring to rent or sell. All purchases are final and there are no refunds. You may change the pricing of your post free of charge by emailing us and these changes will usually occur within 48 hours. You may change the asking price of your post no more often than once every 2 weeks. Once you have successfully rented or sold your dock or mooring then you must notify us of the event and we will disable the post.

We make no guarantees that any given post will be successful in renting or selling your dock or mooring but we do guarantee that the posting will be placed and maintained for the entire boating season at a minimum. is a privately owned and operated website and does not collect real estate commissions nor does it act as an agent for any given sale or rental. The final terms and interaction of the rental or sale is between the owner and the buyer ( or renter ) only. collects advertising fees in return for advertisement postings and we do not act as a realtor, nor do we make any representation that we are a realtor nor do we need a realtor license to offer this advertising service. We are the same as any newspaper or magazine offering classified advertisement space.

By using this site and its service, you agree to hold harmless this site, its owners or agents and if in the event that any damages were to be legally assessed then you agree that those damages would be limited to the actual amount you paid to use to post your advertisement. You are responsible for the factual data behind your post and when you place a posting advertisement with us you represent to us and the buyer/renter that you have the legal right to either rent or sell the dock or mooring that you are posting. Any fraudulent posting discovered shall be promptly removed and no refund shall be forthcoming.

Any picture that you send to this site for purposes of helping to rent or sell your dock or mooring becomes the property of this site and may be used by this site in the future. is not affiliated with any governmental agency or private agency or private or social club. We are a for-profit organization and our mission is to help connect people who want to rent or buy boat docks or moorings with people who want to have their boat docks or moorings either rented or sold. - 2018