A typical 22 foot water deeded dock

**** Club rules on boat size ****

—The beam width of your boat cannot exceed 1/2 of the water width between any two adjacent docks. This is applicable when two dock fingers occupy the same adjacent water width (facing each other).

—The length of your boat cannot exceed the deeded water length and this includes engines, platforms etc. The length parameter is measured from the front tip of your boat and to the rear most point of any part of your boat + any engines or platforms which extend beyond that point.

The most common deeded length at the club is 22 feet but there are also other sizes too.

The deeded length of the dock or slip space is the single most important factor in the value and utility of the dock. This number represents the MAXIMUM permissible sized boat which may be parked in that slip. (As another example, if the deeded length was 17 feet then the MAXIMUM permissible sized boat that could go into that slip would be limited to 17 feet). The legal recorded document which defines the maximum permissible sized boat that can go into each of the boat club slips can be seen by clicking BoatLengthDeclaration.

The size is boat bow to stern and it counts anything which overhangs or is attached to your boat. If a motor makes your boat longer than the deeded length and that motor can be tilted up or back to make the boat fit this deeded length then you must do that to be in legal compliance with the deeded length. The longer the deeded length of the dock, the higher its tax assessment and the higher its market value.

All docks have an approximate 15 foot plank or ‘finger’. The older planks were made of wood and they were 24 inches wide. The club is now in the process of replacing (and should have this project done by the end of this season) the older planks to new planks which are made of composite materials and which are only 18 inches wide. This narrower plank will give approximately 3 more inches to each slip in the side to side direction. This is good because boats have bumpers hanging overboard and this extra room will help in the parking of the boats and in keeping one boat away from the other. Of course accidents can and will happen and that is what insurance is for.

Nominally the water width of each slip is 8 1/2 feet but this can vary from slip to slip. If you are buying or renting it is ultimately your responsibility to go and visit the club (you can park your car outside the gate temporarily and walk in) and measure the dimensions of what you are buying or renting.

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