Fowler River Lake access

Use interactive map

Google Earth allows us to see the topology of the Newfound Boat Club area from the vantage point of a satellite and as it sits on the Fowler River.

The window above shows the Fowler River connectivity to Newfound Lake. At the bottom of the picture you will see the white line moving upward from that point is West Shore Road. As you travel northward you will pass a complex of multi-bedroom townhouses which is private condo association. Just past that development you encounter a crossroad, you turn right towards the lake. That road takes you to the Boat Club entry gate and onto the parking facility.

The Newfound Boat Club appears as an 'arc' ( center of the RED circle ) which curves towards the Fowler River. Boat docks exist on both sides of the arc with the parking lot side being a more preferred location. The club board walk is on the parking lot side of the arc.

Your boat travels through the boat club 'arc' and then enters the main shaft of the Fowler River. The river flows into Newfound Lake and the satellite picture provides you with a sense of the currents by looking at the different shades of depth and lake bottom. The immediate area in the lake, fed by the river, is relatively shallow... perhaps an average depth of 10 feet. It is in this area you may envision putting down anchor to wade in a 'lake pool' where, in some places, your feet can touch the bottom. I think of this area as a warm and very large fresh water pool... perfect for the kids and family... bring the suntan lotion.

The shallow area then soon gives way to an ever increasing slope and the lake becomes very deep. In some places, in excess of 60 feet or more. This shoreline shallow to dropping ledge depth is played out in many places along the numerous coves of Newfound Lake.

Newfound Lake offers deep water fishing. In some places its as deep as 168 feet. It offers wide open areas for speed and aquatic sports. It offers private coves and shallow wading pools. It offers scenic vistas and the cozy feeling of being nestled in a lush valley. Newfound lake is truly a wonderful, and up to this point, a mostly undiscovered vacationland retreat.

The Newfound Boat Club is your convenient ticket to this amazing natural resource of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire ! - 2018